About Us

When Covid-19 became a national threat, we started to think of ways we could help our community and neighbors, in stopping the spread of the virus. We knew that businesses would have to take new and drastic measures to protect their staff and their customers. The spread of the virus is something all workplaces should want to avoid, both to maintain a healthy and happy workforce, and to ease the minds of their customers. Our Acrylic sneeze guards are a great way to show that you are dedicated to protecting the health of the patrons who frequent your locations. 

We began to help local companies with prototypes and after having such a positive response, we then started to step up production to make a line of clear acrylic countertop and hanging sneeze guards, and protective barriers for drivers of ride sharing programs like Uber and Lyft. 

Our goal is to provide safety and confidence to the great American businesses that surround us, along with giving the confidence to their customers that additional measures to protect them are in place. 

We are the proud and exclusive manufacturers of Viracrylic, and are excited to be doing our part to STOP the virus.